The SH550R hydraulic shear demolishes the last components of the Costa Concordia

In July 2017 the work of disposal and demolition of the wreck of the Costa Concordia, which sank on 13 January 2012 off the island of Giglio, ended. The remains of the ship were initially taken to the port of Genoa Pra ‘for the disposal of interior furnishings and fittings, then to the Naval Repairs area, located within the port of Sampierdarena.

July 27, 2014 – July 7, 2017, almost three years. It took so long to create and complete the dismantling and recycling project of the Concordia ship, one of the most important green ship recycling projects in Europe which represents a recognition of the high value of Italian naval engineering.

Up to 350 people have been employed since the beginning of the works; approximately 1 million total hours of work; 78 companies and suppliers involved (98 per cent Italian, including Mantovanibenne); almost 90 per cent of the recycled / recovered materials, equal to over 53,000 tons and 4,000 trips to disposal and recovery plants in Italy, were recycled.

The contract for the disposal of the ship’s materials was awarded for 104 million dollars.

The cruise ship sadly famous all over the world for the tragedy that took place on the cliffs of the small Tuscan island no longer exists, but the engineering works built to bring it back to water and then back to port are still existing and in the process of being demolished and disposal. In order to move the imposing boat, gigantic iron tanks were built which, once welded to the sides of the ship, could allow it to float again.

Each single tank weighs about 400 tons and, as was the case with Concordia, today provides for adequate dismantling and recycling.

We went on a visit along the Tyrrhenian coast, at the demolition site which in this period is using a splendid hydraulic shear model SH550R, flaming red color, struggling with the cutting and dismantling of 4 flotation tanks used on the cruise wreck.

The Eagle II series shear was installed on a Volvo EC460C excavator and was used to carve large blocks of iron, precisely fitting between the sheets, and then cut and demolish entire structures to obtain a total 1,600 tons of iron. destined to be recovered and recycled.

The SH is the flagship product of the EAGLESHEARS range, designed to offer a range of products for the world of demolition and recycling. The shear is in fact one of the components of a team also formed by Grapple, Magnets, dismantling shears and polyps. These products allow to better manage the recoverable material, allowing a controlled demolition, an easy and safe handling and a reclamation of the demolition site.

We thank Monaci s.r.l. for the collaboration.

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