Technical support and Original Spare Parts

Jobsite servicing, remote support, original spare parts and planned maintenance.

We know how important it is to keep the equipment in good efficiency status and avoid machine downtime; therefore, we are determined to provide fast and effective support.

Our Customer Service Team assists the client during the entire attachment lifecycle through:

  • Attachment installation and guide to correct utilization
  • Jobsite servicing and functionality restoration delivered by our technicians
  • Remote assistance to customer’s intervention, spare parts request, and counselling
  • 13.000 original spare parts in stock ready to be shipped to the customer
  • Availability of troubleshooting guides and operator’s manuals
  • Maintenance programs to keep the attachments in constant efficiency

For any request or information, please contact our Customer Service Department.

Phone: +39 0535 615888

Or contact us by filling in the dedicated form, our service specialists will contact you as soon as possible

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