“Being quality men is our way of life…”

Alberto Mantovani, founder of Mantovanibenne

A company is made of people; it has the attitude of who manages it, the value of who lives it, the DNA of who infused life in it with his job.
The vocation behind the MBI brand is the want for the best, in everything we do. From designing to manufacturing, as well as the attention to the relationship with customers, suppliers and colleagues. The continuous improvement of everything around us is the main objective of our day.


An history made of success, from the very heart of the Italian fine mechanics.

An history made of success, from the very heart of the Italian fine mechanics.
The path of Mantovanibenne starts in 1963, when Alberto Mantovani, founder and soul of the company, give life to a carpentry workshop in Mirandola
The company, since its dawn, stands outs for the quality of its products and begins the standardized production of excavator buckets, introducing an innovative classification of buckets themselves.
Also thanks to the international success, the company grew and evolved, until developing and launching, between the ‘80s and the ‘90s, the line of hydraulic attachments for demolition. Step that significantly affected the company’s future, because today Mantovanibenne is worldwide recognized for the revolutionary demolition attachments, which are continuously evolving since then.

Today Mantovanibenne guides the international MBI Group, which designs, manufactures and markets the MBI brand, symbol of unrivalled quality and unique expertise.


The MBI Group

A pocketsize multinational, to serve the entire world.

A pocketsize multinational, to serve the entire world.
Today the MBI Group is composed of five companies that, guided by the parent company Mantovanibenne, manage manufacturing and marketing operations across the globe. The Mantovanibenne R&D department designs all the product lines and is responsible for the production of prototypes. After passing al the tests, the prototype is released as a product and the Industrial Operations department, together with the Quality department, coordinates the manufacturing operations among the affiliates.
MBI France, based in Tolouse – France, is the first commercial affiliate instituted. The French company manages the French-speaking markets, including the former colonies, and provides maintenance and service to customers.
MBI Bulgaria, founded in 2000 in Kavarna – Bulgaria, manages sales in the Bulgarian territory and manufactures the grapple and bucket lines.
Zhejiang Mantovani Machinery (ZMM) is the Chinese branch of the group and is located in Shangyu, in the Shanghai area. ZMM manages sales operations in the Far East and manufactures several product lines, primarily destined to the Asian market.
MBI Deutschland, with offices in Munich and Dresden, manages sales and service in the German-speaking markets and collaborates with the R&D team to develop and test some product lines.

Research and Development

Continuous improvement, creation of the new and special projects

Continuous improvement, creation of the new and special projects
Listening to the market, aspire to continuous refinement of the existent products and services through research, investments and talent. This is the philosophy behind innovation at MBI.

Our R&D team possesses an unrivalled level of expertise that together with the continuous research of innovative solutions generates the ideal environment for the creation of new ideas, products and applications.

Our approach to innovation is multidisciplinary and open to external stimulus. The research based on technical know-how is combined with market studies and end-users requests. The specialized personnel utilizes cutting-edge technologies to carry out feasibility studies, design projects, planning and monitoring of every stage of the manufacturing process. Every single prototype, before being approved and become part of the MBI range, is tested on the field in different working conditions.
The result of these combined processes is the constant improvement of all product lines, the evolution of services and the creation of new equipment, destined to revolutionize future working practices.

More often than believed, the end-user is integral part of the innovative process because, thanks to the collaboration with who works on the jobsite, we can understand new specific needs and realize targeted solutions.

In addition, even our suppliers are active part of the innovation flow; their specialized knowledge is fundamental during the components co-design phase. This close collaboration grants us access to unique subcomponents, specifically design for our attachments, which contribute to MBI superior performances.


International Certification

An internationally recognized quality management system

In Mantovanibenne, every process tends to efficiency, excellence and customer satisfaction. The most recent certification ISO 9001:2015 is the natural formalization of an ever-present attention to quality. International recognition that guarantees the highest professionality under every process delivered within the company.