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Oil pressure and flow rates set on the excavator (Opening and closure)

Oil pressure and flow rates set on the excavator (Rotation)

Dear Customer, it should be noted that specific legislation does not exist for this type of machine; the machine does, however, comply with the general regulations provided for by Presidential Decree 547/55 and the European Directives 89/392, 91/368, 93/44 and 93/68. The machine presents no danger to the operator if used according to the instructions provided by MANTOVANIBENNE through the use and maintenance manual and which the operator takes the responsibility to follow, step by step. MANTOVANIBENNE hopes that you will be able to fully exploit all the functions of its products. THE FILING OF THIS FORM WILL PROVIDE THE RIGHT TO BENEFIT FROM A 12-MONTH WARRANTY STARTING FROM THE DATE OF THE INSTALLATION AND WHICH, IN ALL EVENTS, SHALL NEVER EXTEND FOR MORE THAN 15 MONTHS STARTING FROM THE DATE OF SHIPMENT. IN THE EVENT OF FAILURE TO RECEIVE THE INSTALLATION CERTIFICATE, THE WARRANTY SHALL START FROM THE DATE OF SHIPMENT.

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