The latest challenge for a "special" CR Crusher

Lek-Sloopwerken, founded in 2009 by Peter de Korte and Maarten Lek, is a sustainable demolition company 30 km from Utrecht (Netherlands), in high demand for the most complex projects.

In October the company faced a 2.000 m3 concrete bridge demolition to be completed in 48 hours.


Time is gold in this kind of projects and where the speed of execution is essential MBI machines are often preferred, to obtain an excellent result with a good working speed.

In this case the choice fell on a special machine, created exclusively for the customer to guarantee the required performance: The Crusher CR140R, a 140 ton demolition equipment specialized in the most difficult demolition of reinforced concrete.

The crusher CR has been enginered for primary demolition of reinforced concrete, also on high-reach applications, equipped with hydraulic rotation, double powerful cylinders, twin-pin system and rebar cutting baldes, is the titan of concrete demolition.

The use of pneumatic hammers was excluded due to the noise, being near a built-up area, so silent demolition equipment was used including the massive CR140 MBI on a Liebherr 974.

The mission was completed on schedule and the Mantovanibenne Cusher can rest, waiting for the next big job.

Watch the trailer of the construction site