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The project: demolition in progress in Bologna

pinza per demolizioni combinata
autunno 2020 mantovanibenne

Ecoinerti by Matteo Pancaldi is engaged in a demanding construction site near Bologna which involves the demolition of the former branch of Alstom, a historic Italian company that builds trains and related systems.

The site area is very large and is located in an inhabited area of ​​the Emilian capital, where controlled demolition is essential. The present structures differ in storage and processing areas characterized by large iron constructions and more structured office areas with the presence of reinforced concrete.

The work team consists of two Hitachi 280 and 210 excavators, combined with the CC25 Combi Crusher and the SGR1000 grapple. The MS16 Multysystem is also supporting.


The equipment works in perfect synchrony and autonomy; CC25 is used on metal structures arriving directly at the cutting of the load-bearing parts, easily following their fall to the ground and subsequent handling. Once the metal structures have been ordered, it also cuts the most bulky and massive parts on the ground, so as to speed up the subsequent secondary demolition.

In the meantime, our “demolition” grapple takes care not only of managing all the material on the ground, stacking it according to the type of material but also of the demolition of the lightest and most unsafe structures, in particular of the canopies that cover the metal structures and the precise extraction of the external covers. The SGR is in effect a demolition machine with great precision and maneuverability.

The demolition is still in progress and involves the disposal of approximately 30,000 cubic meters of material of various kinds. The final stages of work see the demolition of the more complex reinforced concrete structure for which the CC will always be used, suitable for dealing with mixed structures thanks to its extremely dynamic characteristics.


Matteo Pancaldi describes it as a new concept of demolition, a unique tool that allows multiple applications without compromising on efficiency.

pinze demolitrici combinate

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